14 January 2008

Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso Undergo Couple's Therapy


When he allows himself an introduction
do not reciprocate the extension.
His knuckles; overgrown cartilage;
are but casualties of future wars.

Instead scrape sawdust
like shavings of your own skin settling
in delicate piles at his feet.

Cut though stain and varnish
epitaphs sealed in the grain.
Hear the syllables of your name falling
from his iron bed.

let yourself seep into the woodwork
saturate your hands with the tabletop.


When she folds into spaces much smaller
than your world-weariness can swallow
Re-route your intentions
in a swift counter-clockwise motion.

Acquaint yourself with each synapse
involved in the union of a hair's breadth of Fingertip
and a sliver of Sharpened Steel.

Suckle from angles
that claw through breasts and buttocks.
Watch the corners of her mouth sharpen
to pierce your premature kiss.

clench your jaw to sever your tongue.
Learn to smile with your eyes closed.