26 September 2008

20 September 2008


There seems to be an epidemic of broken-heartedness going around.

11 September 2008

09-08-2008 [Boston to NYC]

It is less than an hour before midnight. We are cruising down I-95 at a tame 70 mph. The combination of a clear, not-quite summer sky and a tenacious Saab convertible from the 1980’s adds up to some amazin’ stargazin’.

There is something distinctively American about a nighttime drive; a terror only experienced by entrusting one’s life to a machine that has proven to be fallible, generation after generation.

07 September 2008

Boston you are one lame place to miss.

I am packing up my room in Somerville. It is a slow process, fettered mostly by my own lack of gusto.

In the last four years alone I've filled and emptied countless pocket-sized spaces in three different cities on three separate continents. So far I've lost 60% of my material possessions and my sense of self.

This is the first time I've been able to look a city in the eye and say Goodbye. For Real.

So, goodbye Boston. I'll miss you, probably more than I am expecting to. But if I don't start leaving places I'm afraid that I won't ever find out where I can return home to.