16 October 2008

This is what I do with my days now.

7:45 AM. The alarm goes off (I manage to actually drag myself out of bed by 8:00 AM.) I make my bed. I eat my freakin' tofu. I get dressed. I put on sunscreen and powder my face.

9:30 AM. I scale a ridiculously steep hill towards the bus stop. This takes four minutes. The bus usually comes within two or three minutes. Fourteen minutes on the bus, and fifteen more on foot gets me to my desk, where there is a computer (PC) and an organized mess of paperwork. There is a metal division that separates me and a colleague from the other employees. There are print-outs (ink-jet) and photographs (mine) secured via little round magnets.

This is where I brave poorly designed Flash websites and carpal tunnel syndrome in order to seek out and secure "next season's face". I repeat English sentences to Latvian/Estonian/Lithuanian/British agents and argue about contracts and earning potential.

I send email after email. I put together and print out calling cards. I drink instant coffee. Occasionally I rush out the door with some really really ridiculously good-looking male model, or a wispy, leggy girl-child to a photoshoot, where I have to act as translator/babysitter/photo assistant. I make small talk with the staff and gush over the equipment. I stress about what they order for lunch.

7:00 PM. I punch out and stroll towards the bus, on the look-out for a place to grab a bite. It's stressful, realizing that my soymilk lists gelatin as an ingredient. I don't smoke as much, and I don't drink as much. But I don't eat as much either, and I'm mildly concerned.

7:45-8:00 PM. I get off the bus and walk down the hill to my current place of residence. I putter around. I miss people.

1:00 AM. I remove my contact lens and turn off the lights, baby.