12 November 2008

To Do

1. Actually SLEEP (not haunted by potentially brain-cancerous migraines) on this BED (not a throwaway futon/cheapest spring mattress at IKEA on a bare floor) that I PURCHASED (not found on trash night/left behind by previous tenants) almost a week ago.

2. Choose career over motherhood: Admit that I am not yet ready to adopt a cat at this stage in my life. Rock your right to multi-task, ladies.

3. Visit bike shop on lunch break. Drown out tickings of biological clock (?!) with soothing gear-clacks and chain-whirrr. (Seoul just may be the least bike-friendly metropolis ever. Alas, a bike-less life no longer feels complete.)

4. Do something about this stupid long hair, stupid.

5. Purchase 35mm lens for F3 because without it, I just feel so small-dicked and inadequate, really.

6. Schedule optometrist appointment.

7. Eat more fresh fruit. Give yoga another try. Anything to prevent my entire body (organs and all) from developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

8. Visit post office.

9. Call bank (U.S.). Figure out how to wire C. money.