28 December 2008


*Inspired by the Emily of my dreams (aka Matilda. The Hun.) who is planning on writing 365 poems this year.*

Since photos are easier to force than poems (in my opinion), the rules I have set up for myself are as follows:

1. I will use, at the very least, one roll of 36 exposure 35mm film or two rolls of 12 exposure 120 film a week.

2. I will take at least one picture a day. I am not allowed to put off all my exposures till the weekend, for example.

3. I will have my film developed and scanned on a timely basis.

4. I will post seven pictures from each weekly roll of film. I am not allowed to select more than one picture from a single day.

5. I will update this blog with results every Tuesday.

Good luck, me and you.