23 January 2009

365 (Jan. 12th - Jan. 16th)

FRIDAY Jan. 16th 2009

THURSDAY Jan. 15th 2009

WEDNESDAY Jan. 14th 2009

TUESDAY Jan. 13th 2009

MONDAY Jan. 12th 2009
This is Greta Danisova. She's fourteen and fucking awesome.

22 January 2009

365 (Jan. 1st - Jan. 11th)

So apologies, apologies.

Good news: I HAVE been taking pictures. More or less on a daily basis. As planned.

Bad news: Due to extreme extremes at the payroll factory, I have been unable to make it to the photo store during operational hours to pick up the film I have been dropping off in their overnight bin.

And without further excuses: ta. da.

SUNDAY Jan. 11th 2009

SATURDAY Jan. 10th 2009

FRIDAY Jan. 9th 2009

THURSDAY Jan. 8th 2009

WEDNESDAY Jan. 7th 2009

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MONDAY Jan. 5th 2009

SUNDAY Jan. 4th 2009

SATURDAY Jan. 3rd 2009

FRIDAY Jan. 2nd 2009

THURSDAY Jan. 1st 2009